Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the cattle raised?

Our cattle are raised locally in Buckeye, Arizona. The ranch is off of Lower River Road and Johnson just west of the meat shop!

Are the cattle grass-fed?
Our cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished for the last 3½ to 4 months.
Do you use hormones or vaccines?

We do not use any hormones, vaccines, or GMOs in our cattle.

Why do you not process in the US?

We chose to process in Mexico because the facilities, turnaround time, and cost were unbeatable. The US is incredibly backed up in meat processing that we made the best choice for the time being that not only keeps our freshness guarantee but also allows us to sell it to our consumers at such an affordable rate.

How do I order?

You can come right down to our storefront and see us in person! We also provide delivery and shipping options.

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