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Since 2014

Our Story

Joe Skoog started his family owned ranch in August of 2014 at the Arlington Cattle Company historical location in Arlington, AZ. As the business grew over time in 2019 the cattle were moved to a new ranch in Buckeye, AZ which is where they still call home. With the help of Josh Peterson (Ranch Manager), Arlington Cattle Co was able to expand even further and on January 29th 2022 opened up the first butcher shop in downtown Buckeye, bringing fresh beef from our ranch to the community’s plates. With the support from our local consumers and restaurants we are now able to reach homes across Arizona and provide our beef online.

Quality, Expertise, Mouth- Watering Goodness

Our Mission

At Arlington Cattle we care about bringing the best products from our ranch to your tables! We want to give you a taste of our locally raised fresh beef. Our cattle are hormone-free, grass-fed, and grain-finished providing the best selection of tender and flavorful cuts from pasture to plate!

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring fresh local beef products back to local communities. We believe that locally sourced food not only tastes great, but is also healthier, more sustainable and ethically produced - benefits that are good for you, the environment and your community. With Arlington Cattle Company, you’re getting premium quality in grass-fed and grain-finished cattle.

Our Ranches

Our ranches have moved since our days at the Historical Arlington Cattle location and are now in the beautiful west valley of Arizona in Buckeye. We pride ourselves on running a clean, safe and healthy environment for not only our cattle but our ranchers as well.

Our Process

Our cattle live on the ranch their whole lives on a grass-fed diet until the last 3-4 months when they are grain-finished. Upon leaving our ranch the cattle are taken to the processing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico where they receive additional inspections. While at the processing plant, they are hung for 6 days before being cut down and packaged into boneless blocks. From there they make their way back to us receiving their final USDA inspection at the border. Once the boneless blocks arrive at our meat shop our talented butcher gets to work on creating the delicious cuts you see on display!


"Five Stars!"


I bought a beef box and some short ribs. I love this place now I will only be buy my meat from here only. You will not be disappointed at all, they have a great staff. Check it out for your self!


Great place! Friendly owners, great prices, and fresh meat.


This place is my go to for meat now! The meat is really good! Good prices too!